Back to painting…Khador Widowmakers up 1st!

I recently ordered a bunch of Warmachine Khador goodies and since I am basically starting from scratch I decided to get the Vallejo Game Color 72 paint set after doing extensive research through the interwebs. So far I am digging the way they handle although they could be a little too watered down sometimes.

I was struggling on what “theme” my Khador army would be and I didn’t want the typical snow junkies, red lovin’ type, typical northerners. So I decided to experiment on color schemes with my Widowmakers and decided they would basically be a “Thornwood” based Khador army with tan and greys being the main colors. So here’s my Autumn color scheme 🙂

I haven’t painted miniatures for around 10 years so I wanted a basic but somewhat detailed paintjob. My steps are pretty basic and as follows…

  1. White P3 Primer
  2. Base coat colors using Vallejo Game Colors
  3. Used Citadel Badab Black wash all over the miniature
  4. Minimal highlights (studs, rivets, buttons, flesh, etc.)
  5. Bases are comprised of Woodland Scenics grass & trees. I also use Skullcrafts Autumn Mix Leaf Scatter
  6. Finally I use Army Painter Anti-Shine Matte Varnish & Vallejo Gloss Varnish on certain areas (rifle scopes, goggles)

Overall I am pretty satisfied and I prefer the dirty  look over a super clean and crisp job unless it was for a competition (Plus they have been entrenched in the woods for awhile now ;p).


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