Khador Kommander Sorshca…

So I finally started receiving some of my Khador stuff. After finalizing my army colors I decided to paint the Battle Box Sorshca next, but I ended up using a little more of the classical red paint scheme mixed with my own.

  1. White P3 Primer
  2. Base coat colors using Vallejo Game Colors
  3. Used Citadel Badab Black wash all over the miniature
  4. Minimal highlights (studs, rivets, flesh, Frostfang Hammer, etc.)
  5. Bases are comprised of Woodland Scenics grass & trees. I also use Skullcrafts Autumn Mix Leaf Scatter
  6. Finally I use Army Painter Anti-Shine Matte Varnish & Vallejo Gloss Varnish only on her Frostfang Hammer

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