Khador Battle Box Juggernaut Warjack…

The last Warjack of the Khador Battle Box and DONE!

  1. White P3 Primer
  2. Base coat colors using Vallejo Game Colors
  3. Used Citadel Badab Black wash all over the miniature
  4. Minimal highlights (studs, bolts, rivets, gearwheels, etc.)
  5. Bases are comprised of Woodland Scenics grass, trees, & rocks. I also use Skullcrafts Autumn Mix Leaf Scatter
  6. Finally I use Army Painter Anti-Shine Matte Varnish & Vallejo Gloss Varnish only on it’s Ice Axe to make it look shiny and icy

I originally painted the Juggernaut’s Ice Axe metallic but I decided to not be lazy and give it some character since it is a Ice Weapon.


4 thoughts on “Khador Battle Box Juggernaut Warjack…

  1. This is amazing! I am really enjoying the subtle autumn leaves and the green paint job. I might try something similar on my Destroyer when I get around to painting it.

    • Thanks! I had a big plastic container of Woodland Scenics flock and was trying to figure what to do with it haha! Also the green is actually Desert Yellow which is a beige/tint of green in it. The blackwash make the green come out a little bit more.

  2. Nice work man! Just wondering if there is an equivalent to badab black, like any if the the army Painter dips 🙂 once again good job!

    • Thanks! The Army Painter Quickshades are more like Devlan Mud wash since they are dark brown. There’s no black quick shade that I am aware of as of now.

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