Khador Manhunter…

This was a really basic figure to paint and I personally dislike doing too much flesh, but meh. I hope a new version of this model comes out with a more dynamic pose like Yuri The Axe. The current pose to me just seems kind of off and unnatural. Go ahead, try standing like him…SEE It’s weird right!? It’s almost a Samurai-like high stance but with axes instead. Lone Wolf and Cub where art thou?

I did go a little overboard on the blood splatter…what can I say, I love horror and gore anyways ;p

  1. White P3 Primer
  2. Base coat colors using Vallejo Game Colors
  3. Used Citadel Badab Black wash all over the miniature
  4. Minimal highlights (buttons, flesh, etc.)
  5. The splatter gore effect was accomplished using 1 part Vallejo Rojo Visceral Gory Red and 3-4 parts Citadel Devlan Mud Wash. I then loaded up a size 3 flat brush and flicked it onto the axe
  6. Bases are comprised of Woodland Scenics flock grass. I also use Skullcrafts Autumn Mix Leaf Scatter
  7. Finally I use Army Painter Anti-Shine Matte Varnish & Vallejo Gloss Varnish only on his bloody axes

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