Battle Report 1 – Khador vs Khador…

I recently played my first Warmachine game ever! Of course it was slower than usual since both me and my opponent are total noobs with the rules. We played a 25 point game and it took us roughly about 3 hours. I believe the phrase most used in the game was “TO THE BOOK!”. We also learned that page 68 almost had all our answers ;p

Anyways here’s how we stacked up against each other…

25 Points – No Objectives

KHADOR (My Army)

  • pButcher
  • Wardog
  • Beast-09
  • Kodiak
  • Widowmakers
  • Widowmaker Marksman
  • Manhunter
  • Yuri The Axe



  • Strakhov
  • Kodiak
  • Berserker
  • Destroyer
  • Widowmakers
  • Widowmaker Marksman
  • Manhunter


  • Yuri The Axe using Thresher and killing 3 Widowakers & Widowmaker Marksman in 1 swipe
  • Berserker charging Beast-09 and blowing up right after doing even more damage
  • Yuri The Axe & a Manhunter charging a Kodiak to keep him busy enough so the Beast-09 can charge (And yes the Kodiak tore them both apart on it’s turn)
  • pButcher + Full Throttle non-stop
  • Strakhov Rapidfiring pButcher with 2 shots and giving him 10 points of damage!
  • Kodiak charging Strakhov and killing him on it’s charge attack…GG
  • Neither of us ever used our FEATS lol!


I learned that FULL THROTTLE is freakin’ awesome. For this reason alone I bought eButcher since CONFERRED RAGE is almost identical minus the boosted melee damage and it’s a passive ability so it’s alway “on”. For my first game I felt the mechanics of the rules are really great. It gives it a lot of character and there are so many tactical ways to go about things but everyone is given the same models/units choices which I like. It streamlines the game plus I read a quote once that stated “Real creativity happens when working within a set of rules.” which I believe is totally true.

Game on mofos!


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