Battle Report 3 – Khador vs Khador…

Recently I visited another LGS (Local Gaming Shop/Store) which isn’t so local for me. It’s located in Northridge and it’s called The Game Ogre. It’s a really nice shop and everyone I met during their Warmachine night was pretty friendly. They have a Privateer Press Ganger who hosts the the Tuesday Warmachine nights named Tim. He has a great personality and jokes around just as much as I do when playing which always makes the game that much more fun. He also which a zero tolerance for douchebags which is a big plus ;p

I was able to squeeze in 2 battles there, but why do I keep fighting against Strakhov!?! Here’s the first…

26 Points – No Objectives

KHADOR (My Army)

  • pButcher
  • Wardog
  • Beast-09
  • Kodiak
  • Juggernaut
  • Widowmaker Marksman
  • Yuri The Axe



  • Strakhov
  • Decimator
  • Torch
  • Battle Mechaniks
  • Assault Kommandos
  • Widowmakers
  • Widowmaker Marksman


  • My Widowmaker Marksman and Yuri The Axe were deployed on 1 side of the table effectively controlling that 1/2 and picking off units while doing so. I love you stealth!
  • My opponent’s Assault Kommandos charging my Juggernaut and surviving for more then 1 turn
  • My opponent’s  Torch charging my Kodiak inside what we called the “Forest of Fun” effectively using SUPERIORITY in combination with Torch’s extra FOCUS bought attacks using VIRTUOSO + GUNSLINGER ability and the Kodiak survived!
  • My Beast-09 charging the Decimator destroying him and buying a extra melee attack to use THRESHER on the Battle Mechaniks and Widowmaker Marksman cutting most in half
  • Neither of us used our FEATS


This battle was almost a mirror match of my last one. Once again having that 1 extra Warjack against my opponent made a world of difference. He didn’t have the proper units to deal with that kind of armor so he had to resort to having to go into melee with any free Warjacks just to keep them occupied so they could not rush his caster. In the end it was a really fun game and we basically had a mosh pit or what grandma calls a clusterf*ck on 1 side of the map in and around the “Forest of Fun”. The games are moving a lot faster for me now which means more game time…WOOHOO!


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