Battle Report 005 – Khador vs Protectorate of Menoth…

I was brainstorming about a STEALTH heavy army list and I finally got to try it out. This was my first time playing against the PROTECTORATE OF MENOTH and I was curious on how they played since I heard they have a silly amount of magic and fire.

25 Points – No Objectives

KHADOR (My Army)

  • pButcher
  • Beast-09
  • Kodiak
  • Manhunter
  • Manhunter
  • Yuri The Axe
  • Widomaker Marksman
  • pEiryss



  • Harbinger of Menoth
  • Avatar of Menoth
  • Reckoner
  • Exemplar Errants
  • Choir of Menoth
  • Vassal of Menoth
  • Anastasia di Bray


  • Me dropping my jaw when I found out the Harbinger of Menoth has 10 FOCUS :O
  • The Widowmaker Marksman and pEiryss running up the right side of the field flanking and effectively firing at the Menoth units and battlegroup
  • Exemplar Errants charging Yuri and the Manhunters killing none of them and in return they got slaughtered the next round
  • Menoth debuffing all my upkeep spells constantly with their caster’s crazy control range
  • All our Warjacks got locked into melee combat but thanks to pButcher’s BLOOD FRENZY FEAT and casting FULL THROTTLE I was able to make short work of Menoth’s Warjacks
  • The Harbinger Of Menoth running past my Warjack in a attempt to assassinate pButcher. Anastasia di Bray used AMBUSH and ESPIONAGE but the Harbinger was still not within melee range and just cast as many spells as possible. pButcher survived and my opponent conceded the game.


The STEALTH list exceeded my expectations! The whole time my Widowmaker Marksman and pEiryss were killing, wounding, or damaging my enemy once they ran down the right flank. They started shooting from almost his rear in turn 3 so it forced my opponent to commit into attacking either them or my Battlegroup. I think at a 35 point level this list wouldn’t be as effective of course since there’s much more room for lists to have more units which in turn means more spread out all over the board.

It was a fun game and I love battling new forces I haven’t played against. I am one of those gamers that LOVE to know about every army so you know exactly what each unit is and what they are capable of. Intel, intel, intel!!!


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