Battle Report 6 – Khador vs Bloodtrolls

I’m keeping this one brief. This was my first match against Bloodtrolls as well as a Theme force…

35 points – No Objectives





  • Learning the power of heavy cavalry
  • Also learning how awesome a army full of TOUGH models/units can be
  • The Butcher’s last stand LOL ;P


This was just a bad match up of lists from the get go. I wanted to to try a more jack heavy list but this was definitely not the army I should have tried it against. I didn’t have any units except for some widowmakers and just didn’t have the damage output to deal with that many wounds. The heavy cavalry was too much to deal with their superior movement, 8 wounds each, and TOUGH for that cherry on top. This battle did make me realize I need to get off my butt and paint more units HA!


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