Khador Doom Reavers…

I finally finished painting my 2nd Unit of troops. I actually got to use them recently at a 35 point Steamroller Tournament and they ROCKED!!! This was also the first time I used a wet pallet since I was worried about the flesh crusting up. It was a ghetto rigged one but it did it’s job for the most part! I learned how to make a quick and dirty one reading this WET PALETTE TUTORIAL!

Primed and ready to go!

Basecoats & Blackwash DONE! Next to paint all that damn flesh…

And the FINAL results!

It’s hard to see but all their swords and the decapitated head have a heavy gloss varnish on them. It took several days to finish these guys up due to so much little details everywhere. It makes me weary thinking of painting up another unit of them. I might be inspired if they come out with variants or I am in the mood for some heavy modding. Anyways, I am really happy on how they turned out and I didn’t want to mess up the muscles with tattoos plus I am not THAT confident in my freehand abilities with a brush. Give me a pen or pencil and it’s a different story though 🙂


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