Battle Report 9-11 > 35pt. Steamroller Event…

I recently played my first Steamroller event consisting of 35 points, 2 army lists, and 3 rounds. It was hosted at Knight Ware Inc located in the Valley in Los Angeles.Overall it was a great experience and I actually did a lot better with the 10 minute timed turns than I thought I would and only used 2 of my 5 minute overtimes. I didn’t get to write down my opponent’s army lists so I am going to just do a brief summary of each battle. I also forgot to take pics 😦 Sorry!

Here were my 2 lists…

  • Kommandant Irusk (pIrusk)
  • Behemoth
  • Doom Reavers w/UA Greylord Escort
  • Great Bears of Gallowswood
  • Widowmakers
  • Manhunter
  • Widowmaker Marksman
  • Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios (pEiryss)
  • Gorman Di Wulfe
  • Kell Bailoch
  • Kommander Sorscha (pSorscha)
  • Behemoth
  • Doom Reavers w/UA Greylord Escort
  • Great Bears of Gallowswood
  • Widowmakers
  • Widowmaker Marksman
  • Yuri The Axe
  • Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios (pEiryss)
  • Kell Bailoch

Round 1 – KHADOR vs CRYX

This was my second time I played a scenario game. The first was killbox so I don’t know if that REALLY counts to some people ;p


  • My snipers were effective crippling 2 bonejacks & picking off units on both flanks of the board
  • A Bile Thrall purged himself all over my Doom Reavers killing several
  • The Great Bears & Satyxis Raiders mixed it up for a bit and it was a bloody mess
  • The surviving Doom Reavers went BERSERK all over the place…when I wanted them to ;p Thank You UA!
  • His caster had a insane amount of FOCUS due to a spell in where he gathers SOUL TOKENS for warriors who die within his control range? I think he had like a 26-28 ARMOR with them LOL!
  • My Behemoth wasn’t as effective as he could have been since some of his units were immune to AOE blasts or had ridiculous ARMOR (i.e. see above)
  • Ultimately I did not do enough damage during Sorscha’s FEAT ICY GAZE and she was ready to be slaughtered next round so I conceded


The one regret I had was not playing the scenario more and actually having pEiryss run down the left flank just to score 2 more points, me and my opponent both had 1 point. Also I wasn’t sure if that turn was the right one to cast her FEAT, but by next turn I think I would have been totally overrun. I did take out a reasonable amount of my opponent’s units at least. Live and learn! Great game and super fun with the multi-layered tactics needed for scenario play.


My first time against MERCENARIES. Popped my MERC cherry yay!


  • I bunched most of my snipers to the right side on a hill controlling that side of the board fairly effectively, taking potshots at the Long Gunners or Riflemen? & crippling a Light Warjack
  • I lost the Widowmaker Marksman after 3-4 turns of melee combat with my opponent’s Saxon Orrik. It was pretty funny because we both had such high DEFENSE we kept missing each other in melee over and over and over and over…
  • My Doom Reavers took out a 10 man unit of Steelhead Halberdiers thanks to BERSERK. Even the Greylord Escort UA got to use his Frostbite spray attack on the ones in the rear. Giving me 1 point for my turn in the left control point
  • The Doom Reavers felt the fury of CRA (COMBINED RANGED ATTACKS)
  • A Heavy and Light Warjack charged my Behemoth and they took out 1/2 the boxes from him. The following turn the Behemoth was able to take them both out with help from SUPERIORITY and one of the Great Bears.
  • The Great Bears followed up and charged the remaining Light Warjack on the right side of the field
  • pEiryss was able to crossbow down Saxon Orrik clearing all my opponents units in the right control point giving me another point
  • I never used pIrusk’s FEAT!


The Doom Reavers, Great Bears, & Behemoth played a huge role in this win. I basically had my Doom Reavers a long with the Manhunter, Kell Beiloch, & Gorman Di Wulfe setup on my left side while the Behemoth, Great Bears, & pIrusk were in the middle. All my other sniper units were on the right side ready to run onto a hill that was partially in the that control point. I made sure to cast SUPERIORITY on my Behemoth to get those couple extra inches so he could move back an forth and blast anything on either side. The Doom Reavers were able to advance safely due to Gorman’s Smoke Bomb but I moved out of sequence 1 round and he actually had to flee because of ABOMINATION lol. Regardless he did pop 1 smoke bomb at a key moment so the Steelhead Hallberdiers could not all charge effectively. In the end it was more of a total war than scenario win because my opponent only had his caster and one solo left 🙂 WOOT!


This was another first for me as I have never went up against a Retribution force but I have heard many tales of horror from other gamers about them (insert spooky noise here).


  • Learning about the Retribution buffs nullifying my charges and AOE weapons, ouch!
  • Force Fields regenerate whaaaaa?
  • Learning the power of ARC NODES
  • Finding out Elves look pretty in pink


This was actually my quickest match. I made a several fatal mistakes leading to my caster being assassinated. Most of my Sniping units were setup on the left side within a forest and were using SWIFT HUNTER effectively against his ranged units. I messed up allocating my FOCUS and after using pSorscha’s FEAT ICY GAZE which got everyone but his caster, but I didn’t have enough to cast WIND RUSH to move back. I had given too many to my Behemoth. So in error I ran my remaining DOOM REAVERS in front of her blocking LOS and any magic attack that would do harm…hopefully. The 2nd HUGE mistake was I should have shot a DISRUPTOR BOLT using pEiryss at the Heavy Jack on the left side of the field so it would have not been able to shake off the STATIONARY effect. So he basically took a shot with that Warjack, killed the DOOM REAVER blocking my caster and then used his other Warjack as a ARC NODE and cast TELEKNISIS to move her facing backwards towards him and then finished her off with HAMMER FORCE. The 3rd mistake was the whole game I had FOG OF WAR to help protect my DOOM REAVERS and it was the very same round she died in when I decided not to upkeep it. He rolled low enough to where if I did have it active he would have missed the shot. The last mistake was I accidently had Gorman Di Wulfe on the field which wasn’t on my pSorscha list but was on my pIrusk list. I emailed my opponent and apologized for the noobness. I had another solo that cost more that did nothing the whole game so it wasn’t like I overused everything I got. Horrible on my part regardless. This match was a MASSIVE learning lesson for me since that was his last ditch attempt. Otherwise I had everything in charge range ready to go my turn 😦  My saving grace is I know this was a really tough opponent and I felt I did pretty decent considering I haven’t played that many games yet. This battle taught me the importance of FOCUS allocation. I thank you Mr.Loss for this…LESSON LEARNED!


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