Battle Report 18-20 > 25pt Mangled Metal/Tooth & Claw Steamroller…

I finally got to play my first Mangled Metal tournament and I was really excited since I know this is where The Butcher shines! You were given the option to make 2 lists so I chose pButcher and pSorscha as my casters. Sorry again for no pics!

Here were my 2 lists…

  • The Butcher of Khardov (pButcher)
  • Beast-09
  • 2 x Berserkers
  • Kodiak
  • Kommander Sorscha (pSorscha)
  • Beast-09
  • 2 x Berserkers
  • Juggernaut



  • pSorscha surviving after a ridiculous assassination attempt (i.e. I should have DIED)


Wow. This battle was pretty epic. My jacks had no problems dealing with his crafty elven jacks and it came down to his caster Garryth making a assassination attempt on pSorscha. I had dealt with most of his jacks and at this point even Beast-09 was free to roam  around. I moved him back to pSorscha to help protect her but alas I was too late. He was able to get into melee with full focus so he could load up on attacks and boosts. Now this is where it gets crazy! So the dice FAILED him epically and he was only able to get 2 attacks in but he rolled just shy of killing her and she had 3 wounds left. So the “mage hunter/weapon master/focus on armor don’t mean nothing” failed miserably. I felt sorry for the guy. So for my turn I kept my focus and decided to just keep pounding my hammer on him. Basically, on the last bought attack I rolled exactly the number I needed to kill him. If I was 1 short he would’ve lived and definitely killed me off. So this battle goes down in my mental history book of “WTF!?!? That just happened!” moments. This was one of the most intense and fun battles I ever had in Warmachine so far 🙂



  • Surviving yet ANOTHER caster assassination attempt


This was my first time playing against this many beasts from Hordes. For this match I decided to try out pButcher. My opponent was using pKaya. One of his warbeasts was able to counter charge and finish off one of my Berserkers early in the game and I was a bit worried. After all was said and done Beast-09’s Thresher came through like a champ and was my equalizer and I was able to take out 2 of his bigger warbeasts. He didn’t have anything left and his last attempt was to use his teleporting spell to try and assassinate pBtucher. At this point he only had his caster and light warbeast that came with her. So he was able to get into melee but pButcher was sitting on full focus and he wasn’t able to penetrate his 24 Armor. Needless to say the Butcher destroyed him the next turn. I found out later that he shouldn’t  have been able to teleport and attack. You could in MKI but was taken away in MKII. I’ll be sure to let him know next time I see him ;p



  • My opponent’s usage of the caster eSkarre chaining enough Great Rack attack to push her way into melee with my caster


For the final round I thought this would be very interesting. Since Cryx are known for having the saucy arc nodes to keep casting all kinds of spells from a safe distance. Jack to jack he held off pretty nicely but I eventually was able to take out or cripple everything. I didn’t exactly place pButcher in a great spot and should have had him a little further from the battle since I was winning it with my jacks. A lane opened up for my opponent and he was able to charge a jack and keep pushing it back until he got within melee of the Butcher and went to town on him. I didn’t have any focus left and he successfully killed him off. Really awesome comeback of him since he almost had nothing left. Really awesome game regardless!

After all the scoring and points were added up I actually got 2nd place! WOOHOO!!! I was surprised and happy of course since I have only been playing Warmachine since January. Can’t wait for more tournaments! This was a definite motivation booster knowing I can make money to pay for the hobby. WICKED SON!


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