Battle Report 037-038 > Casual Steam Roller Scenario…

I decided to use my opponent’s reports of the battles since he did a awesome job of summarizing them 🙂

Both games were played were using Steamroller Scenario #4 “Gaining Ground” which has 3 zones. You get 0 points for controlling the zone closest to you, 1 for the middle zone and 2 points for the zone furthest away. Both games were Khador vs Circle Orboros.

Battle 037 Highlights – pVlad vs Mohsar

  • Basically I deployed in the corner & Khador deployed centrally…which was 60% of my downfall the other 40% was not playing aggressively enough
  • My opponent advanced up, but due to my deployment and I had pretty bad charge lanes from the corner, so I did not have very many options to deal with the Khador forces
  • Khador basically walked up & took out my units one by one
  • I had a last ditch effort to use Sands Of Fate on models blocking his caster to try a assassination run, but my spray either did not hit or Khador made their tough rolls (They made like 80% of his tough rolls this game lol!)
  • Khador wins by scenario!
  • My dice fail was pretty horrible this game…80% of my rolls were under 6 & I managed to roll snake eyes twice in a row

My opponent was kind enough to humor me with another game.

Battle 038 Highlights – pVlad vs Mohsar

  • Deployed centrally this time
  • Tharn Bloodtrackers ran up too far & eventually got picked off by Widowmakers, but not before killing a couple Doomreavers
  • Megalith whacked a couple Widowmakers
  • Stalker cleared out the Great Bears, Doomreavers, & Behemoth…that guy is nuts…and got skewered the following turn by pVlad hopped up on Blood Of Kings
  • Shifting Stones teleported up to capture the zone furthest from me for 2 points
  • Opponent is unable to assassinate Mohsar and I win by scenario thanks to the Shifting Stones!

What I learned…

  • Need more practice with timed rounds
  • Need more practice estimating how much fury I’ll be using so I know how much needs to be generated
  • Need to use Tharn Bloodtrackers better
  • BE MORE AGGRESSIVE!! I need to be always looking for the alpha strike with Circle Orboros!

Thanks again for the games & tips!



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