Journeyman “Remix” slow-grow league begins…

So my LGS is having a Journeyman slow-grow league “remix” if you will. What do I mean by that? Well look for yourself!

I totally love the idea and I thought it to be more doable versus the 6 week frenzy of the original Journeyman rules. It’s perfect to get a good sized tournament force in a realistic time period. So most of us with work, kids, assassin missions, etc., will still be able to do all that and commit to this league without too many problems. My goal is to complete a competitive 50 point force to play for future tournaments.

I have had a Blindwater Congregation force for sometime but they have been in sitting in boxes collecting dust. I purchased a lot of the models as soon as the Minions book came out. What’s more awesome then a Gator Voodoo force with a Cajun accent?! NOTHING! So the second this league was announced I was excited since it would help motivate me to finally put them together after months and months of neglect.

My Warpack will consist of…

  • Bloody Barnabas
  • Blackhide Wrastler
  • Ironback Spitter

I would ideally rather have 2 Blackhide Wrastlers but that’s too many points. I ended up putting a few extra models together for the following month since it was only a 4 point increase. I also decided to do a more standard basing on them just to try out the newschool method.

I’ve played Blindwater Congregation on Vassal several times and really like the feel of their tactics. Should definitely be fun getting some real game time with them as well as having a better understanding of the Hordes Fury system!


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