TUTORIAL – Gatormen Posse Upgrade!

So like many Blindwater Congregation players I have 2 full units of the Gatormen Posse. I finished my 1st squad doing nothing special and decided I wanted to spruce up my 2nd unit so I started to search the interwebs. I stumbled onto these SKORNE Gatormen Posse and then it hit me. I just happened to have a box of Warhammer Fantasy Battle Chaos Knights because I was looking for a different steed for my Khador Fenris solo. So I basically had a ton of pieces left over and wouldn’t you know, there were 10 shoulder pads and a bunch of weapon sprues I could use. You of course can substitute any of this with anything you think would look better for your own force.


  • Hobby Pliers
  • Hobby Knife
  • Hobby File
  • Pin Vice
  • Formula P3 Pinning Expansion (0.50mm) or equivalent
  • Epoxy, Green Stuff, or equivalent
  • Super glue

So many choices…yummy

SHOULDER PADS (Super easy!)

  1. Cut & clean out the shoulder pads of your choice & dry fit them to see how they should stick on
  2. Use your Epoxy/Green Stuff/etc to stick the shoulder pads onto the shoulder & DONE!


  1. The weapons will need to be cut, cleaned, & filed down so they fit nice & snug. I cut just the weapon’s blade off since there is wrapping around it right before the the blade. So no need to break out the epoxy to make it look connected to your new weapon!
  2. Use your Pin vice & pin the weapons together using a shorter rather than longer piece of brass rod. The reason being is since it’s so thin it will bend easier if the rod is too long. So be sure to keep it short. A 1/4″ is a good length.
  3. Dry fit them & when your ready super glue everything together & DONE!

These conversions don’t take too long and it’s a great way to personalize your own Posse for whatever force you are using them with. I hope this tutorial helps and inspires you out there and would love to see more custom Posse’s out there!

Voila! The superforce 5000 hardened Gatormen Posse veterans!


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