Looking back at 2011…

Well it’s been a little over a year since I got back into wargaming and feeding my old addiction through WarmaHordes. Even though I have a pretty full plate currently in my life, this hobby has helped center me and even keep me sane at times. You may be wondering why I am even writing this little rant?! Well I was digging through my parents garage looking for some old art supplies and I stumbled onto my old Warhammer 40,000 miniatures from when I was younger…much younger. I’m not going to say how old they are but let’s just say they mostly saw play in 2nd edition and earlier. I sold and gave away most of my 40K stuff but this was a small batch I decided to keep just for memories.

R.I.P. 40K…

So I started playing Warmachine in January of 2011 after given a demoed game in December of 2010. I was a inch away from rejoining the 40K world, but the price point, how many models I would need to paint/play, & tactics sold me. After a month of collecting and painting I had enough to start playing tournaments and jumped right into it “trial by fire” style. I loved it and still do. As a form of payback I have been demoing both Warmachine and Hordes for people interested at my LGS. Well after playing this system for a solid year there’s no way I can go back to 40K even though I still love the fluff to death. I just can’t go backwards game system-wise when it comes to strategy and tactics. I don’t want to go off on a different kind of rant so I will end it here and remember to always progress when moving forward. Now I only need to get my 2nd battlebox up so I can finally apply to be a Press Ganger 🙂

That’sa spicy year ova painting!


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