REVIEW – Meadow Flowers…

So I showed up to my LGS the other day for a quick game with a friend when all of a sudden…FLOWER POWER all up in my face. As some of you might know following this blog, I am a fan of the Army Painter Tufts which I use on my Blindwater Congregation. Well those bad boys over in the UK have recently come out with Meadow Flowers and Poison Ivy for your custom basing needs. I must say the flowers are pretty damn impressive and it’s really cool they are all clumped up on a sheet with 2 different colors so you can mix and match the size you exactly need. This gives you maximum customization which is pretty awesome! Definitely the most realistic looking flowers out there without having to get all Pro Painter competition custom crazy on your base.

Purty…sooooo purty…

He’s only using flowers on his female Cryx…cute.


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