Minions Blindwater Congregation – Journeyman League DONE…

Our Journeyman League was over a couple months ago but I never got to post what I completed. I was able to win the Destroyer Award for most game points as well out of 24 participants!

I’m just happy I actually finished 3 units!

Let’s see how many points I was able to paint…

  • Bloody Barnabas (+5)
  • Blackhide Wrastler – 9
  • Ironback Spitter – 8
  • Bull Snapper – 3
  • Boneswarm – 4
  • 2 x Gatormen Posse (Full) – 18
  • Bog Trog Ambushed (Min) – 5
  • ThrullG – 3
  • Totem Hunter – 3
  • 3 x Feralgeist – 3

At 56 points (without the Warlock) I’m pretty happy with what I completed. I only need to paint a couple other warlocks, some extra beasts, and some solos. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have it all finished, but for now back to my Khador!


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