Khador Old Witch & Scrapjack…

I was told time and time again by other players that I should try her out. The reason being is that she is the most non-Khador style warcaster we have and a ton of fun to play. Well I must say that I totally agree and highly recommend all of you out there to give her a try as well! My only problem with the models is Scrapjack needed some serious pinning. I totally removed a hydraulic and drilled through his legs and used a thick brass rod as a replacement and used a 2nd pin to keep them on straight to secure it’s chicken legs better. Double pinned legs…sounds naughty.

This pic pretty much sums up her feat.

I’m Khador. What’s a Arc Node?

  1. Army Painter Desert Yellow Primer
  2. Base coat colors using Vallejo Game Colors
  3. Citadel Badab Black wash all over the miniature
  4. Minimal highlights (staff & flesh)
  5. Bases consist of Woodland Scenics grass flock, rocks, & a Autumn Mix Leaf Scatter
  6. Finally I varnish with Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Gloss Coat (Non-Yellowing & UV Resistant) & then use Army Painter Anti-Shine Matte Varnish

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