STEAMROLLER 2013 out now!!!

I have played in about 4 tournaments using the beta variations and am totally in love with this latest incarnation. They have also released HARDCORE and MASTERS rules as well.

Some of the key changes are…

  • Warlocks/Warcasters cannot contest zones/flags
  • Scenarios need more control points to win than SR2012
  • Dominate rule to score even more points using your Warlock/Warcaster!
  • Specialists rule (ability to swap out a portion of your army, great for minimizing bad matchups)
  • Killbox is now 14″ (but you only need a piece of your base within instead of being completely within the killbox and your opponent scores 2 CP’s if you are killboxed. So the game is not over!)
  • There are only 2 zone sizes now (12″ circle diameter and 12×6″) making it easier for Event Organizes and players alike

Check it out!




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