TUTORIAL – Hordes Minions Swamp Horror conversion…

So I’m sure most of you out there will agree that the Swamp Horror art in the Hordes Domination book got you excited. Then the model came out and a “Awww man?!” could be collectively heard around the globe. I know there are several other tutorials out there on the interwebs that show you how to cut this octopus up and make it look like it’s rising out of the swamps, but they all involve too much green stuff/epoxy/modeling for my taste. I knew there had to be a easier way?! So here’s my super easy/lazy way of converting your Swamp Horror without any green stuff whatsoever!


  • Hobby Pliers/Cutters (I recently bought a Xuron 410 which are pretty amazing!)
  • Razor Saw (You can find them for around $6USD-$7USD)
  • X-acto Knife
  • A file of some kind
  • Pin vice & some brass rod (Any size except super thin)
  • Superglue
  • A hollow base if water effects are desired for later (Secret Weapons Bases or DIY)

swamphorrortutorial01Get all your tools ready, we’re going to be ripping things apart!

swamphorrortutorial02Use your Razor Saw to cut the main body as you desire.

swamphorrortutorial03Use your Razor Saw & Pliers to cut up the tentacles so you ultimately will have 3 separate ones. File and smooth down the bottom of all your pieces so it can sit on the base properly.

swamphorrortutorial04Dry fit all the pieces to make sure they sit flat and how you want to arrange them.

swamphorrortutorial06Use your Pin Vise and brass rods to superglue all the brass rods to the pieces. Figure out a arrangement you like and mark it by scratching the surface of the base with the brass rods on your pieces. Pin vice holes into your base for final placement. I also physically bent some of the tentacles so they were more dynamic. Glue everything down when you’re ready!

swamphorrortutorial07And now your all done! Wasn’t that easy?! This conversion also helps remind you that it has 1 bite & 3 tentacle attacks 🙂


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