NEWS – It’s time…

So after getting into Warmachine at the beginning of 2011, I finally got both battle boxes ready. It’s time to apply to become a Press Ganger! I was first demoed the game by 2 different Press Gangers from 2 different stores. I got to try out Warmachine and then Hordes. Both were super awesome people and I would love to share that same experience with other newcomers. My LGS has a strong community overall and we have about 20 or so Warmahordes players but no official PG! I’ve been so busy focusing on my forces that my Cygnar battle box has been sitting there for almost half a year. One of the local players offered to assemble my Cygnar battle box and another agreed to paint them. He has never painted Warmachine models so the Cygnar battle box was his first. I just based and arced them. That was super awesome of both of them to do that for me. I really appreciate their time in helping me so that I can finally apply.

So yea….it’s time.

khador_battle_boxThese were some of my first mini’s after a 10+ year hiatus from wargaming & painting

cygnar_battle_boxMy buddy did a pretty awesome job using weathering powder like crazy!

This happens to be my 100th post! Coincidence?! I THINK NOT….DESTINY!!!


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