Hosting my first Steamroller Tournament…

I recently had the pleasure of organizing my first official Steamroller tournament at my LGS. My ultimate goal is to gradually bring more of our casual players into the tournament scene since that is the best way to learn about your army in a variety of circumstances when scenarios are in play. Plus their usually just plain fun! Our store is one of the smaller ones in SoCal so we have a limited capacity and I made it only 3 rounds so it wouldn’t intimidate too many of the newcomers. This makes it more intimate plus going 4 or more rounds can drain a lot of people. We have plenty of other stores that offer the “full tournament” experience in SoCal meta so there are options for more serious tournament players. It also makes it much easier for people to attend since they know it will only take up 5-6 hours rather than 8 or more.

One of our players happens to be a terrain master and so I teamed up with him to create custom flags and objectives to give our tournaments a little more personality. Also with the help of some players that attend tournaments more frequently we were able to get enough chess clocks to make it a Deathclock tournament instead of timed turns which can discourage newbies.

All in all it was a great turn out with a decent faction spread. Everyone had a blast and I was happy that several players that attend tournaments frequently told me that it was ran really well and everything went super smooth with the overall tournament time. Most of the players were self-sufficient and I was only needed a handful of times. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of players for my first time. I can’t wait for next month and enjoy the pics below!

Tournament Results…

  • 1st Place – Cygnar
  • 2nd Place – Trollbloods
  • 3rd Place – Cryx

Factions Represented…

  • Circle Orboros – 1
  • Cryx – 2
  • Cygnar – 3
  • Khador – 1
  • Legion of Everblight – 1
  • Skorne – 1
  • Trollbloods – 1

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