2013 August Steamroller Tournament results…

Here are the results and pics of a 35 point Steamroller I hosted at my LGS. I decided to try a variant of the rules to keep things even more intense and interesting and implemented the following changes…

  • Control Points cap at 5 per game
  • Assassinations are worth 2 Control Points

I felt it worked out great as Army Points usually don’t matter as much unless your playing Hardcore. In this instance there’s a high chance several players would tie in Control Points which made them think about Army Points as well.

Tournament Results…

  • 1st Place – Cryx
  • 2nd Place – Khador
  • 3rd Place – Khador

Factions Represented…

  • Convergence of Cyriss – 1
  • Cryx – 2
  • Khador – 3
  • Legion of Everblight – 2
  • Minions – 1
  • Protectorate of Menoth – 1
  • Trollbloods – 1

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