Khador Iron Fang Kovnik…

It’s been awhile since I posted any miniatures, but I have been slaving away painting them. I finally got some time to take some pics.

I’m a huge fan of the Iron Fang Kovnik and what he can do. Boosting the movement of Shield Marched Units is pretty huge and almost makes me wants to play MoW Shock Troopers…almost. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a unyielding weapon master with reach. The only thing that throws me off is that he isn’t Fearless. Really?!

I also opted to leave the cape off because I wasn’t a fan and it makes it easier to game with as well. I want to see all that scale mail…HAWT!


“A cape would only get in the way of my swinging.”

  1. Army Painter Desert Yellow Primer
  2. Base coat colors using Vallejo Game Colors & Vallejo Model Air Metallics
  3. Used Army Painter Dark Tone Ink all over the miniature using a big flat brush
  4. Minimal highlights (studs, rivets, etc.)
  5. Bases are comprised of Woodland Scenics grass & a Autumn Mix Leaf Scatter
  6. I varnish with Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Gloss Coat (Non-Yellowing & UV Resistant) & then use Testor’s Dullcote to take away the gloss

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