2013 October Steamroller Tournament results…

Here are the results and pics of my last 35 point Steamroller I hosted at my LGS before I moved. We ran the SR2014 Beta and most of the players liked it. Looking forward to see the final changes in the future. It was a bittersweet event and I will miss all my players! It’s a amazing group and everyone has been self-sufficient and so supportive that I rarely got a “TO!” shout.

One of the perks of being based in Los Angeles is the amazing variety of cultures so there is access to so many food options. That being the case a group of us decided to eat some legit Korean BBQ at a spot I knew. Food coma maximus.


I’m off to Phoenix in Arizona now!

  • 35pts – 1 or 2 Lists
  • Specialists (10pts)
  • 3 Round Event
  • Tie breakers are in order of Control Points, Assassination, & Army Points
  • 42 Minutes Deathclock (per player)
  • Assassinations are worth 2 Control Points
  • Control Points cap at 5 per game

Tournament Results…

  • 1st Place – Cygnar
  • 2nd Place – Cryx
  • 3rd Place – Mercenaries

Factions Represented…

  • Circle Orboros – 2
  • Cryx – 1
  • Cygnar – 1
  • Legion of Everblight – 1
  • Mercenaries – 2
  • Retribution of Scyrah – 1
  • Skorne – 1
  • Trollbloods – 1

2 thoughts on “2013 October Steamroller Tournament results…

    • LOL! Well I’m in Phoenix now and unfortunately there is no all you can Korean BBQ here that I have discovered yet. If only every tournament could end with such food gluttony 😉

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