My 2013 Review…

In 2013 I feel I accomplished quite a lot. Whether it was getting more motivated to paint via Muse on Minis Play It Painted forum thread or stepping up my tournament game and starting to consistently place which included placing 1st in two Steamrollers back to back. I have been keeping track of all my tournament games using IronGrudge on Android and love it. I also became a Press Ganger, started running tournaments, helped co-ordinate with various stores to unify the Steamroller community, created my own gauge/widget (which will be sold here soon), and even did some music for Privateer Press.

All in all, it was a solid year on the gaming front! Without further ado here are my stats and a nice big picture of almost everything I painted in 2013.

  • 2013 Khador Steamroller Stats (47 Wins – 33 Losses)
  • Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff (0 – 2)
  • Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova (1 – 0)
  • Kommandant Irusk (5 – 5)
  • Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf (1 – 1)
  • Kommander Orsus Zoktavir (15 – 12)
  • Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed (15 – 4)
  • Orsus Zoktavir, Butcher of Khardov (2 – 2)
  • Supreme Kommandant Irusk (4 – 3)
  • Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey (1 – 3)
  • Vladimir Tzepesci, The Dark Champion (1 – 1)
  • Vladimir Tzepesci, The Dark Prince 2-0


Click on the pic for a BIGGER version!


5 thoughts on “My 2013 Review…

  1. great blog… I visit here often…

    I really like the colors you use for your Khador minis… I am curious what colors are they?

    I have a lot of Vallejo paints and I’m wondering if I have most of the colors you use… thanks for the inspiration to paint my minis : )

  2. Just got a whole bunch of Khador minis for a great price and I’m itching to get painting…

    I know you’re probably too busy to list all your colors but may I ask what red and brown do you use for your models most of the time?


    • Desert Yellow
      Cold Grey
      Gory Red
      Bright Bronze
      Beasty Brown (Leather belts & pouches)
      Leather Brown (Flesh base)
      Elf Skintone (Flesh highlight)
      Silver or Chrome (Vallejo Model Air)
      Army Painter Dark Tone Ink (over everything but flesh!)

  3. hey there,

    I have one more question… it’s regarding washes… have you ever tried Vallejo Dark Shade wash? just wondering… I have one but found it dries rather matte, I wanted to hear your take on it…

    Thanks for all the help : )

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