STEAMROLLER 2014 Released…

Last year I got to be apart of the SR2014 Beta and it was fun and informative. SR2014 seems to have fine tuned and remixed a lot of things for the better rather than a complete overhaul. I’m pretty satisfied with the overall changes. Some will have to be played out more to see how effective they actually are as viable scenarios. I have noticed through my personal experience that single zone scenarios aren’t usually won through scenario, which is why I was happy to see more split stuff in the latest revision.

Some noticeable changes are…

  • Destruction (Scenario #1) reduced to 2 objectives making it a more viable scenario.
  • Incoming (Scenario #7) zones being adjusted closer to each other to make it easier to contest.
  • Incursion (Scenario #9) now spread apart so a HUGE base can’t contest 2 flags at once and the middle flag no longer disappears, but at the cost of 1CP.
  • Into The Breach (Scenario #11) now getting some objectives added to help make the scenario more live for scoring purposes.
  • A interesting new addition is Balance of Power (Scenario #3) which introduces deducting CP’s from your opponent. I like the concept but having a single zone makes it that much harder to win by scenario.

Click on the respective logo to download the new packets!





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