TUTORIAL – Custom Ogrun Bokur…

I was recently inspired by a No Quarter magazine article about customizing your Ogrun Bokur. I liked the idea of it but didn’t like how some of the newer weapon conversions weren’t very game friendly. I decided to look in my own bitz box and see what I had that I could possibly use. What happened next was basically a happy accident. So without further ado, here’s a quick and easy way to buff up your Ogrun Bokur with minimal modding and parts!custom_bokur_001PARTS & TOOLS NEEDED

  • Plastic Warjack melee weapon (I used a Khador Destroyer’s axe)
  • Plastic Khador Spriggan Headguard and Shield
  • Hobby Pliers/Cutters (I recently bought a Xuron 410 which are pretty amazing!)
  • X-acto Knife
  • A file, sandpaper, or a Dremel
  • Pin vice & some brass rod (Any size except super thin)
  • Superglue
  • Green Stuff (Lip Balm to make it easier to sculpt with)

custom_bokur_002STEP 1 – Cutoff the Ogrun’s weapon tip to desired length, file it flat, and pin it


STEP 2 – Cutoff the desired axe you want to use, file it flat, then line it up with your pin

custom_bokur_005STEP 3 – File down the Spriggan shield, Ogrun Bokur arm, then proceed to pin it. Green stuff the little hole on his arm where the original shoulder pad was meant to go as well.

custom_bokur_003STEP 4 – Dry fit the Spriggan headguard. It should almost fit perfect. Greenstuff it down

custom_bokur_007The final results when everything comes together! NOW THAT’S A SHIELD GUARD!

custom_bokur_006Does my chainmail make my ass look fat?



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