Infinity N3…

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So I used to play Infinity 2nd edition briefly awhile ago, but found the lack of tightness in the rules frustrating (especially being spoiled in the Warmachine/Hordes world). I think most wargamers would agree that their miniatures are pretty badass and their newer digital sculpts are just that much better.

10940625_10152780250878842_4492106732435641698_n They have finally come out with their 3rd edition set better known as N3 and once more into the breach I go. They tightened up quite a few things and made a lot of rules more WM/H like which I love. It’s also worth noting that one of the designers never played a tabletop miniature game in his life besides boardgame-like ones such as Space Hulk. After I found that out, I relaxed a lot more about my expectations on the game system and just decided to have fun with it this time around. I’ve played several games so far and am enjoying it much more these days 🙂



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