Infinity N3 Battle Report…

Me and some locals have been grinding out some smaller 150 point games to get use to the rules and the readjust from 2nd edition. Ideally the game is meant to be played at the 300 point level. I decided to take some pics and do a battle report.

YU JING vs ALEPH – 150pts – Scenario: Supremacy (No HVT)

Aleph won the roll and decided to go first. As the second player I got to pick the board side and decided to grab the highest ground with my Terracotta HI armed with a Missile Launcher.

IMG_0001 IMG_0005 IMG_0007 IMG_0009 IMG_0013

My opponent aggressively moved forward using Command Tokens and put Ajax into Suppressive Fire near the middle of the board. He then used a Remote with Sensor to detect a Camo marker I had and revealed it.


I moved my Guilang Skirmirsher armed with a Boarding Shotgun up against the building to shoot at the Remote while getting shot by Ajax, but the shots missed. The Guilang shot the remote Unconscious but two AROs in response took him down also. I was hoping the impact template would hit his Engineer behind the remote but it fell a bit short.

IMG_0025My opponent left his other Remote with a Smart Missile Launcher in the open so I decided to try to hit it with my own Missile Launcher and got taken down myself. This was a massive loss for me.

IMG_0030I moved my Remote armed with a MK12 to avenge my Terracotta and take down the enemy Remote which it was able to do.

IMG_0036My opponent reveals his TO!


I decided to go gung ho with my limited pieces and moved my Engineer to try and shoot Ajax down since he was Impetuous which also means he can never gain cover. Unfortunately I was in a negative range band and was only able to hit him once while he took my Engineer down instead. BOOM!



He moved his TO model up jumping over the terrain and  ARO a shot back while he shot but none of our aims were true.


He then brought in the big guns and moved Ajax up to finish off my Remote with his dual wielding Combi-Rifle skills. My Remote sadly went down as well.


He then decided to finish the job and take down my Hacker who was taking pot shots and ARO’s when he could. After my Hacker went down we went into Sudden Death since I had 25% or less of my 150 points left.

Post-game thoughts…

At 150 points you really feel the pain of losing key pieces and that going second can be devastating since you don’t have enough legit models to cover parts of the board. The first player can aggressively move up using multiple Command Tokens with minimal checking. We decided to run it back but swap who went first and I was able to take out several key pieces. We called that game as well since I took out his Remote armed with a Smart Missile Launcher, his TO model, and Ajax. Overall the game is pretty fun but there are a lot of loose ends compared to Warmachine/Hordes. So you definitely have to take a step back and try the game out with a open mind. I think N3 is about 75% there and who knows what will happen when they finally start releasing erratas. On the plus side it’s a low model count skirmish game so it’s not too damaging on the wallet compared to other tabletop games.



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