WARMACHINE & HORDES Free Rules & Massive Errata…

It was bound to happen and it finally did. That’s right boys and girls, they finally released the core rulebooks for the awesome price of FREE99!

DOWNLOAD Warmachine Prime MKII Rulebook

DOWNLOAD Hordes Primal MKII Rulebook

They have also just released a massive errata that changes many things for the overall health of the game. They re-balanced some models and got rid of some bad play experience abilities.

Here’s some key changes…

  • You can SHAKE off BLIND (Gorman Di Sadwulfe)
  • Haley2’s FEAT no longer lets her choose order of activation (Better game experience now)
  • Pistol Wraith’s DEATHCHILL only causes STATIONARY now (So Huge bases are now immune)
  • Siege Animantarax gains up to 3 Rage tokens in which it can boost things now
  • Archangel Draconic Aura causes models within 2″ to suffer the Fire Continuous Effect
  • Grotesque Raiders are now “Legion Blighted Nyss Unit” sub-type


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