INFINITY Yu Jing Celestial Guard Hacker…

Another change up in painting for me. For this Celestial Guard Hacker I decided to play around with some lining. I think it looks alright but still prefer feathering over lining. Anyways it’s always good to keep trying different techniques to see what appeals to you the most. I love hackers in Infinity N3 since they are so versatile now!

yu_celestial_guard_hackerHack the planet…

  1. Touch Tone Flat Grey Primer (Cheap automotive primer!)
  2. Base coat colors using Vallejo Game Colors & Vallejo Model Air Metallics
  3. Army Painter Dark Tone Ink all over the miniature
  4. Highlight using the same basecoat color & painted the visor
  5. Bases are comprised of Basecrafts Autumn Scatter & Basecrafts Mixed Leaves
  6. I then varnish with Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Gloss Coat (Non-Yellowing & UV Resistant) & then use Testors Dullcote to subdue the shine

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