TUTORIAL – Company of Iron Custom Epoxy Tokens…

So you got your Command Deck for Company of Iron but no tokens. Fear not! Here’s a quick and easy way to create your own set using a little elbow grease.



  • EK Tools 1″ Circle Punch or 1″ Square Punch (These can also be found at most Michael’s stores for under $10). You can also choose to get other sizes like the 0.75″ or 0.50″ for smaller tokens. Just be to get the correct size epoxy stickers and print at the proper scale! (100%=1″, 75%=0.75″, 50%=0.50″)
  • 63 or more 1″ clear circle or square Epoxy Stickers (Ebay has the best deals usually)
  • A print out of either the CIRCLE or SQUARE Company of Iron PDF tokens (I also prefer to print on glossy photo paper for the most vibrant colors)
  • Scissors, Hobby Knife, Xacto Knife, or any kind of paper cutting tool




STEP 1 – After you print out the tokens, cut them into rows of two so it’s easier to punch them out


STEP 2 – Center the token in the puncher and punch away! I created a large border so you don’t have to be perfect


STEP 3 – I then use my fingers to guide the token onto the epoxy sticker with my other hand


STEP 4 – Lay the token on a flat surface and rub it all over to eliminate any air pockets


STEP 5 – For the Objective tokens simply write on the backside



Now you know how to create your own custom tokens for just about anything if you’re savvy in any graphic design program (or have a friend that is).

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