About Me

I’ve been a Gamer/Wargamer since I was about 11-12. I originally started playing rpg games such as D&D, AD&D, TMNT, Robotech, and so on. I first discovered miniatures when my mom took me to a Renaissance Fair and let me buy a Ral Parth Anti-Paladin miniature. I wanted to get more miniatures, so we called all the local hobby shops until we actually found one dedicated to this hobby. When we went to the store I was then introduced to Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader by the owner. And so it began…

The hobby soon became too expensive and I had less time to focus on it due to music so I stopped playing altogether until my early 20’s when I discovered Warzone. I also played Battletech, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and a variety of other random tabletop games. Alas after several years, life got busy, friend’s moved away, some took interest in other things and so I stopped gaming all together.

Every now and then I would stop by gaming stores just to check out the overall progress of the tabletop world. Then in late 2010 when I stopped by my local gaming store I was introduced to WARMACHINE and sat in and watched several games. I then sought out stores that had Press Gangers after I heard they would demo games for you and tried both Warmachine and Hordes. Soon after I bought my first battle box in late December of 2010 and played in my first Steam Roller in February of 2011. I’ve been hooked ever since!

A few other tidbits about me is I am a music producer/composer, DJ, zombie-addict, ex-comic geek (I still get graphic novels ;p), & movie whore.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Just wanted to thank you for adding a link to my blog! I’ve added yours as well. Khador is next up when I inevitably burn out on Farrow (as I am wont to do) so have been loving your stuff.

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