Downloads & Essentials

I thought I would consolidate and share some very useful tools I have acquired over time to make it easier for everyone. All the credits are due to their respective creators and owners.


Latest Warmachine/Hordes Rules/Errata

Latest Steamroller Tournament Rules

Online Army Builder Conflict Chamber (Print out SR lists as well!)

Editable Steamroller Player Record Sheet PDF

Steamroller Flag Templates (PRINT AT 100% SCALE)

Steamroller Objective Templates (PRINT AT 100% SCALE)

Base Arc Markers

Metal AOE Rings from Beverly’s (Search for “metal ring 3 inch” etc.) They have all sizes!

Steamroller Scenario generator with objectives


Infinity N3 Rules, Markers, Updates

Infinity Marker Custom Marker Sheet Creator (Also need 1″ Circle Punch & Epoxy Stickers)

Infinity Marker Video Tutorial using above method

iWARGAME Base Arc Marker 1.0 (25, 40, 55mm)


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