Lock & Load 2016 photo dump…

Live vicariously once again through pics! Another one in the books.


Kingdom-Con 2016 photo dump…

Here’s some pics from Kingdom-Con 2016. I had a amazing time once again!

NEWS – What’s in store for 2016…

2015 was a pretty good year for for me regarding tabletop gaming. I still have a big backlog of pics to take of finished miniatures, but I’ve been enjoying being a slacker too much. So what’s in store for me and this blog in 2016? Well I will tell you!

  • I have retired my Khador this year & will be focusing on Minions & Trollbloods
  • Some friends & I are doing a 10 points a month painting challenge for Warmachine & Hordes. People who do not accomplish it will have to pay $10 into a pot we will use for quarterly events for all those participating
  • Paint & play more Guild Ball
  • Finish more Infinity models so I have a couple 300 point list options

Privateer Press Lock & Load 2015 photo dump…

Relive the experience OR live vicariously through these pics!

NEWS – New Hordes Gargantuans…

As expected by most, Hordes got their second wave of Gargantuans just like Warmachine had their second wave of Colossals. All of the new sculpts/sketches look amazing. I personally think it’s really cool that they are mostly all new model types with the Glacier King being closest to it’s older original brother. Also take note of the 10 year anniversary of Hordes teasers at the end. Check out the video below!

NEWS – New Colossals for Warmachine…

So another year, another keynote address! The big news for Warmachine is a second Colossal type for most factions (except Mercenaries as far as we know). I assume it’s because they technically have 2 Colossals already. So without further ado here are some screenshots and breakdowns that were mentioned.

Cygnar Colossal Hurricane

iwargame_hurricane_01 iwargame_hurricane_02

Khador Colossal Victor

  • Siege Mortar has 3 different ammo types to choose from

iwargame_victor_01 iwargame_victor_02 Menoth Colossal Revelator

  • Can see Stealth & reveal Stealth to rest of the army

iwargame_revelator_01 iwargame_revelator_02

Cryx Colossal Sepulcher

  • Walking factory that can create Mechanithralls and Brute Thralls

iwargame_sepulcher_02 iwargame_sepulcher_01

Retribution of Scyrah Colossal Helios

  • Tractor beam that pushed enemies 3″ in ANY direction
  • Multiple Force Gate Abilities allows to dynamically change things (think CoC)
  • Only new Colossal with no ranged weapons

iwargame_helios_01 iwargame_helios_02

Convergence of Cyriss Colossal

  • Has electrical based defense & servitors

iwargame_prime_conflux_01 iwargame_prime_conflux_02iwargame_prime_conflux_03

and check out that ass on Khador’s new character warjack for Butcher, Ruin 😉